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Gentle Ivy & Charlottesville  Family Dentistry

Willis & Associates Family Dentistry Ivy - Charlottesville


Continuing a Long-Standing Tradition of Exceptional Dentistry

Previously Michael Tisdelle, DDS, Willis & Associates Family Dentistry Ivy - Charlottesville strives to continue over four decades of family oriented, gentle, and modern dental care. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or you’re a new patient, Dr. Amina Parvez and her wonderful dental team will make sure your visit to our dental practice is a perfect one, from the moment you check in to the moment you check out!


Throughout your visit, our goal will always be for our patients to be fully informed on every step of their visit. We have filled this website with useful information for our patients, such as home instruction, oral sedation, nitrous oxide, infection control, insurance information, new patient consultation, patient registration, our advanced technology, first visit information, scheduling, our financial policy, and much more! 


We’ve noticed that when it comes to providing the smoothest dental experience for our patients, keeping you fully informed on what your dentist is doing makes you trust your dentist more, which in turn leads to a better dental care experience for both the provider and the patient!


As the leading Ivy dentists, Willis & Associates Family Dentistry Ivy - Charlottesville strives to combine the latest in dental technology and care with traditional family values. YOU will always be our number one priority, and we cut no corners to make sure we can take care of our top priority. With iTero Element intraoral scanners installed in-office, and a fully digital dental practice environment, we strive to take your dental experience to the twenty-first century!


At Willis & Associates Family Dentistry Ivy - Charlottesville, your smile is our greatest concern!


At Willis & Associates Family Dentistry Ivy - Charlottesville, the health and beauty of your smile is our greatest concern!

"A Healthy Perfect Smile Enables a Person to Reach Their Maximum Potential in Life"

Gentle, Modern Dental Care


Gentle Family Care

We regularly work with patients that experience dental anxiety. In many cases patients that previously needed sedation or Nitrous Oxide have overcome their fear. Our goal is to eliminate negative stereotypes of dentistry using modern techniques and a focus on your family’s comfort.


Award-Winning Invisalign Treatment

With some of the finest Invisalign work in the country done under our belt, we have a stellar track record for quite literally reshaping peoples' smiles. Schedule a case with us today, and see results in as little to 4-6 months!


Talented Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer elite smile rehabilitation using state of the art dental technology (including a fleet of Itero Elements) and a team of talented cosmetic dentists. We love seeing our patient’s confidence improve with their smile.



We accept all private insurance and are participating providers with most insurance companies (Delta, United Concordia and Cigna).


Prompt Emergency Dental Care

We understand the urgency of a dental emergency. As a result, we offer a 24 hour phone line for dental emergencies and prioritize urgent dental care at each of our five offices. If you have a dental emergency call our dental hotline at: 434-922-0340


Flexible Payment Plans

We offer payment plans with 0% interest. As the trusted dentist Charlottesville VA residents turn to, we are dedicated to helping you get the dental treatment you need.

Our Featured Services

Our Invisalign® Program

Invisalign is the largest dental orthodontic company in the world valued at the time of this writing at over 20 billion.  It is without a doubt the most advanced teeth straightening system available.



Crowns or “Caps” are known as Fixed Prosthodontics in the world of dentistry. Dental Crowns are a cosmetic restoration used to strengthen a tooth or improve its shape. Crowns are most often used for teeth that are broken, worn, or partially destroyed by tooth decay.


Pediatric Dentistry

An extraction can make both children and parents anxious, but they are a common procedure in most dental offices. Our team will make sure you and your child are comfortable with the treatment plan.

Orthodontic Checkup

TMJ Disorder

Patients afflicted with TMJ commonly experience pain and grinding feelings in these joints when they open or close their mouth. Causes of TMJ vary widely, but common issues linked to TMJ include teeth grinding, arthritis, and physical trauma. A variety of options are available for TMJ diagnosis and treatment at Willis & Associates Family Dentistry Ivy - Charlottesville


Callisto W.

This is a wonderful dental practice! I haven’t been to a dentist in nearly 20 years, due to anxiety. When I woke up on a Friday with a potential emergency, Willis & Associates Family Dentistry Ivy - Charlottesville fit me in as a new patient and had me in the chair within the hour. The dental technician made the whole process stress free and comfortable. I was really impressed and will definitely use them for continued care and to re-establish a dental health routine.

Kaitlyn K.

The staff here take exceptional care of you. I put off going to the dentist for a long time, but everyone made me feel comfortable and never made me feel bad for all of the work I needed to have done. Even with my fear of needles, I was taken care of and made comfortable by a gentle shoulder rub to make sure I had the best experience possible. Thank you so much!

Tracey F.

Really love this office and the people that work there. It’s always spotlessly clean, they run on time and everyone is very professional and so kind. They have the most up to date dental and digital technology out there, which makes things easier for the patient. Dr. Parvez did some cosmetic dental work for me recently and it turned out perfectly. Highly recommend. Thank you, Anna!
Dentist Tools
At the Dentist

Our Priority Is You

We offer personal care, attention, and a one on one relationship with your dentist, while using the most advanced dental technology and specialized expertise.

Meet Your Dentist

Dr. Parvez is known for her character, skillful dexterity, chairside manners, an attention to detail, and  passion for providing our patients with the best in dentistry.

Your Complete Dental Solution: A Wide Range of Procedures Under One Roof

Cosmetic Dentistry

Transform Your Smile: Discover the Power of Cosmetic Dentistry. Bid Farewell to Dark Fillings, Outdated Crowns, Stubborn Stains, and More, as We Offer a Wide Range of Solutions for Your Perfect Smile

Crowns & Bridges

Regain Your Smile's Majesty: Rediscover Confidence with Our Exceptional Crowns and Bridges. Our Customized Restorations Provide Durability, Seamless Aesthetics, and Functional Enhancement, Allowing You to Enjoy a Complete and Beautiful Smile.

Emergency Dentistry

Urgent Dental Care When You Need It Most: Trust Our Emergency Dentistry Services. From Severe Pain to Dental Trauma, we Provide Timely and Expert Solutions to Alleviate Discomfort and Restore Your Dental Health.

Veneer Dentistry

Unlock Your Radiant Smile: Enhance Your Teeth with Veneer Dentistry. Experience a Stunning Transformation as Our Skilled Dentists Craft Custom Veneers, Concealing Imperfections and Creating a Dazzling Smile That Reflects Your True Beauty.

Preventative Dentistry

Protect Your Smile for a Lifetime: Embrace the Benefits of Preventative Dentistry. From Regular Check-ups to Proactive Care, our Comprehensive Approach Safeguards Your Dental Health, Preventing Issues like Decay, Gum Disease, and More.

Dental Implants

Rediscover Your Natural Smile: Transform Your Missing Teeth with Dental Implants. Enjoy the Benefits of a Permanent Solution that Restores Function, Enhances Appearance, and Boosts Confidence.

Bonding & Fillings

Revitalize Your Teeth with Advanced Bonding and Filling Techniques. Experience Enhanced Dental Functionality and Aesthetics as Our Skilled Team Utilizes State-of-the-Art Materials and Techniques to Restore and Strengthen Your Teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Illuminate Your Smile: Reveal a Dazzling Radiance with Professional Teeth Whitening. Experience the Transformation as Stubborn Stains and Discoloration Fade Away, Unveiling a Brilliant, Confident Smile That Radiates Your Inner Beauty.

Willis & Associates Family Dentistry Ivy - Charlottesville
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